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Oh hi there.

The worst part about being a touring musician is all the stuff you have to do that *isn't music*. But what if you could go on tour and just worry about your setlist and putting on the best damn show every night? What if you didn't have to think about routing and accomms and advancing and merch? What if someone else could take care of all of that for you? Enter, Jen. I'm so glad you're here.


Jen Ochej - Photo by Kerri Ough.

Photo by Kerri Ough.

Whether it’s tour management, merch, photography, or almost anything in between, if you need it done I can do it.

(Okay, there are some things I don’t do.)

At my core, I’m a detail person who thrives under pressure and loves being the problem solver. I’m the one people come to when they need something done, figured out, or taken off their plate, and when I took on my first tour managing gig (three weeks in the UK), I knew it was what I was born to do– a perfect culmination of my skills and passions.

There’s a good chance I’m exactly what you’ve been looking for. So if you’re ready to let go of the things that take up your brain-space and keep you from being the artistdrop me a line. Let’s chat.



Start-to-finish, top-to-bottom tour support so you can focus on being the artist.

Tour Prep

Your second set of hands for all the last-minute tour prep, so you can head out on the road with everything in order.

Tour Management

I handle it all so you can focus on the show. Liaising with management, promoters, publicists, crew; organizing accomms, travel, navigation, advances, itinerary, merch, and more.


Full-service merch management on the road including organization, inventory, vending, etc., or vending for one-off shows/events (please inquire).


Full show advances and creation of daysheets/itinerary.


Standard or automatic, driving while on tour or delivering tour/other vehicles from A to B outside the tour itself.


Remote tour logistics incl. booking of accomms, routing, rentals, etc.


Live sound reinforcement - solo, duo,
trio, band, etc.


I capture moments: behind-the-scenes, live music, press photos, and more.

Social Media

Social media consultation and strategy,
at home or on the road.

Work With Me

Ready to put the focus back on making music? Let me help.

Past & Present Clients

Nice things people have said about me:

  • Having Jen on tour is like having an extension of my own brain working outside of myself, so I can focus on why I'm there: to perform at my highest level, while ensuring our business is operating at its highest level. Jen is competent and capable, she understands the ins and outs of running a music business on the road, and she gets the job done. You're in great hands with Jen Ochej on your team.

    Kerri Ough (Good Lovelies)
  • Jen Ochej is one of my constant “go to” people when I need important and time sensitive work done from a reliable source. … She is very reliable and valuable to me. It’s been cool (but not surprising) to see her work her way to Toronto [since starting out in Halifax].

    Ria Mae
  • Jen Ochej has determination unlike anyone I have ever met. Her exceptional work ethic and willingness to learn make her a pleasure to work with.

    Kim Harris
  • Since meeting Jen, I have found her to be a constant source of knowledge and support. Not only is she determined and motivated to achieve her own goals but she has a true passion for music and for promoting and supporting musicians who are beginning their journey.

    Caitlin Harnett

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Let me take care of you. I've got this.


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