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If you’ve done one too many tours where you spent 90% of your time worrying about the merch, or the routing, or trying to figure out what time soundcheck is and where you’re sleeping tonight…

If you’re tired of feeling more like an organizer than a musician…

I can help.

Imagine going on tour and getting to devote your time and energy to playing your best set.

You have a clear and up-to-date itinerary at your fingertips, and you know exactly when to be at the venue – and how to get there. Your merch gets set up while you’re soundchecking and sold while you play, and after your set you have time to have a drink and hang out with your fans. At the end of the night, everything gets settled and packed up, and you can sleep soundly knowing that tomorrow will be just as smooth.

That is what I do.


Start-to-finish, top-to-bottom tour management & support, so you can focus on being the artist.

If you’ve never toured with crew before, I understand this could be a big step. You’re asking yourself, do I need a tour manager? Am I ready for this? Is it the right time to make the investment? Maybe. Maybe not.

You might be ready if…

  • You’ve been touring for a while, and the organizational tasks that go along with being on the road are starting to be too much for you
  • You’re starting to move on to bigger venues and more important shows, and you want to be able to focus on playing and sounding your best
  • You’ve landed an opening slot on a major tour, and you want to make sure you take advantage of the opportunity
  • You’re making good money at shows – maybe even decent guarantees – and you want to invest it back into supporting your live show
  • You’ve secured tour funding, and the idea of starting to build out your touring crew sounds really appealing to you


Everything you need:


Tour Advancing – Full advances with venue promoters, booking of accomms & travel (flights, rental vehicles, etc.), and creation of detailed itineraries

Driving & Navigation – I’ll get you where you need to be, on time – I even drive standard, if you need it!

Merch Management – I’ll set up and sell your merch, keep track of the inventory, and even submit your sales to Soundscan if you’re set up for it

On-Tour Liaison – Publicist? Manager? Promoters? I’ll be their point-of-contact while we’re on the road

Tour Nannying – Travelling with a baby? Oh yeah, I’ve got you covered (may involve an extra fee)

Organization & Problem-Solving – No matter what’s on the itin for the day, or what comes up unexpectedly, I’ll make sure it gets handled

General Superhero Stuff – Seriously, you’ve never felt this well taken care of – I’m looking out for you

Post-Tour Wrap-Up – You’ll get your merch spreadsheets and neatly organized inventory, any other follow-up info, and I can even submit your gigs to SOCAN

Yes, really. I’ll take care of it all.


So, here’s the bottom line.

You’re a big deal. I know they all tell you that you’re not because they’re trying to help you stay humble or whatever, but the truth is that when you’re on tour, your whole world exists in that van.

And what’s the big goal every day?

Your show. So when it comes down to it, what really matters is you being able to play your best set every night.

Are you ready?

Let me help you go back to being the artist.

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